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Hi, I’m Aurikatariina, 30 years old, from Pirkanmaa and I clean peoples homes for free.

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Hi, I’m Aurikatariina, 30 years old, from Pirkanmaa and I clean peoples homes for free. I film the cleanings to my TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. I want to show the whole world that cleaning is fun. And asking for help is worth it! Even the most impossible seeming mess can be cleaned!

I drive around Finland cleaning the homes of those who really need it, for free!
Be brave and ask for help and order a free cleaning now!

Frequently asked questions

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No it won’t. I do all the cleaning anonymously. I there are any bills or papers with your name on it, they will get hidden, or at least blurred in the editing stage.

It is the easiest for me to clean, if you are not home. Usually people leave home for a couple days to their friends or family etc. I usually clean from 7 am to 8 pm.

I collect all the clothes into separate bags. I often buy new boxes for stuff or put them in the closest cabinet. I don’t usually clean inside the cabinets but if I have time, I might clean and organize the bathroom and kitchen cupboards. The trash will be taken out. I can also take old electronics to the recycling center. So i will try my best to separate the trash from your belongings. I won’t throw anything away I’n not sure is trash. But sometimes I might not realize something wasn’t trash so make sure to tell me if there is something specifically important amongst the trash.

1-3 days depending on the state of the apartment. If you’re farther away from me it might take me longer depending on if I have a friend with me. I stay in a hotel when I’n cleaning out of my home town.

Sometimes I clean alone, sometimes with my boyfriend/friends.

The easiest thing to do is for you to give me a spare key at the apartment or somewhere else. So I can leave the key inside the apartment if you would rather go back on your own.

I film all of the cleaning for two reasons:

  1. Many people see my videos and see that they arent alone with their dirty homes. So they will ask for and so a positive circle forms.
  2. For me it’s important that also Healthy people see that these kind of chaos apartments are normal and there is a lot of them. In my videos I’m shedding light on mental health issues and remove the shame around having a messy apartment. To spread the knowledge
I will sign a filming agreement with every house owner. In the agreement you will agree to your home being filmed, and the trash to be demolished. My company also has insurance up until a million dollars in case something gets broken.
The cleaning will consist cleaning the home to a liveable standard. So that the floors, furniture and counters are empty and clean. I won’t go through your personal belongings or paper, just set them aside. I’n usually not able to wash clothes. I usually buy new pillows, blankets, sheets etc if neccessary. My sponsors donate cleaning supplies and other supplies for me to leave in these homes. The home will be clean and fresh when you return.

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Do you need a new fresh start for your life and home?

You can send a request for me. Add your personal info and tell me a little bit of your situation. Also add some pictures of the home, so I will be in contact with you. I go through the applications within a few days.